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Wisdom teeth typically emerge when a person is in his/her late teens or early 20s. In some cases, these molars will develop properly with no problems. However, wisdom teeth extractions are necessary to prevent dental disease, tooth damage, cosmetic problems, and chronic discomfort.

Dr. Goldtrap may recommend removing your wisdom teeth to prevent future dental problems or because you’re experiencing:

  • Impacted teeth that’s causing pain
  • Teeth that came in at the wrong angle
  • A small jaw, which is not big enough for your teeth to come in properly
  • Difficulty brushing and flossing your teeth properly

Why Have Your Wisdom Teeth Removed?

  • To prevent tooth decay or gum disease
  • Avoid having misaligned teeth
  • Allow neighboring teeth to erupt properly
  • To prepare for corrective orthodontics
  • Address cysts or tumors in the jaw

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Why Choose Dr. Goldtrap?

Get your wisdom teeth removed at our tranquil and patient-first office.

When it comes to oral surgery, you want an experienced and skilled dentist and a helpful, supportive dental team.

Artistic Smiles has the Longmont dentist and team you are looking for. Dr. Chris Goldtrap is an outstandingly skilled dentist and is known for changing his patients lives with his next-level restorative and cosmetic dentistry treatments.

Dr. Goldtrap holding a "Wolrd Best Dentist" sign
Dr. Goldtrap holding a "Wolrd Best Dentist" sign

He has achieved distinctions that few other Longmont dentists have, including being a Diplomate of the American Board of Oral Implantology.

Here are just a few of the other things that set Artistic Smiles apart from other dental practices:

  • Patient comfort: We ensure your comfort before, during, and after each visit. Our patient amenities will help you relax and enjoy your visit. We also offer sedation options for the comfort of those who deal with dental anxiety.
  • Advanced technology and techniques: We are excited to offer our patients the latest in dental advancements, which help to make your visits faster, more efficient, and more comfortable.
  • Friendly team members: We don’t just work here, we live here! Our patients are our neighbors and family members, and we want to give you the warmest friendly, compassionate, and caring service we possibly can!

FAQs About Wisdom Teeth Extraction

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  • Why are wisdom teeth often removed during the teenager years?
    There is a window of opportunity when wisdom teeth are new and the root systems not fully developed. It’s easier to remove the teeth while having the fewest complications.

    While many adults also have their wisdom teeth removed, the reality is the longer you wait, the higher the risk for complications.

    Our dentist recommends an evaluation at the age of 16 to examine root development and determine the likelihood of any problems.

  • Should I have all of my wisdom teeth removed at the same time?
    It would depend on your age and health.

    For younger patients and patients in moderately good health, removing all the wisdom teeth at once eliminates the need for repeated use of anesthesia, reduces costs, and reduces downtime because of recovery.

    For patients with chronic conditions or on certain medications like blood thinners, it can be more safe and effective to space out single extractions over a few months.

    Our dentist will determine which option will work best for your individual needs after a thorough examination and review of your health history.

  • What are the some of symptoms that indicate an extraction is needed?

    Partially erupted wisdom teeth are a definite sign for concern. Sometimes, however, the teeth stay below the gum tissue surface and you may not even be aware that they are the cause of issues you are experiencing.

    At other times, already erupted wisdom teeth can cause issues.

    If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, you should see your dentist immediately:

    • Red or swollen gums
    • Swelling around the jaw area
    • Pain in the jaw
    • Persistant bad breath
    • Difficulties opening your mouth
    • Tender or bleeding gums


    • We encourage you to call us at 303-485-8888 to make a convenient appointment at the earliest opportunity.
  • What should I do for post-surgery care?

    Our team will closely supervise you until we feel you are ready to be taken home by a friend or family member.

    It’s important to rest for the first 24 hours after surgery and avoid any strenuous activity. You can minimize discomfort or swelling by:

    • Changing the gauze on your teeth every 30 minutes for the first few hours after surgery
    • Take over-the-counter medication to control any discomfort
    • Drink liquids and eat soft foods for the first 24 hours
    • Use an icepack for swelling – 30 minutes on, 30 minutes off for the first 24 hours as needed
  • What other services do you offer and what locations do you serve?

    We offer other restorative services, including:

    • Sedation Dentistry
    • Dental Implants
    • Full Mouth Reconstruction
    • Dental Bridges
    • Inlays & Onlays
    • Metal-Free Fillings
    • Dentures and Partials
    • CEREC Same-Day Crowns
    • TMJ Treatment
    • Extractions

    And we are proud to offer our services to surround communities, such as:

    • Longmont
    • Niwot
    • Boulder
    • Lyons
    • Firestone
    • Frederick
    • Loveland
    • Fort Collins
    • Denver
    • Littleton
    • Superior
    • Broomfield
    • Erie
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