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When are Tooth Extractions Needed?

A mature man reclining in a dental chair
Tooth extractions are necessary for a variety of reasons. At Artistic Smiles, we do tooth extractions in conjunction with orthodontic treatment, removal of wisdom teeth, or to replace decayed teeth with bridges or implants.

In our Longmont dental office, we have had extensive training in oral surgery so we can make this procedure as simple and painless as possible. We can perform the removal under local anesthetic unless the patient wishes greater sedation due to anxiety.

An Extraction Could Save Your Smile

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Common Procedures
A surgical tooth extraction is a more complicated, yet still routine procedure that requires exposing the tooth from under the gumline. Common surgical tooth extractions include impacted wisdom teeth or the removal of teeth that have broken off above the gumline. This sort of extraction usually requires a heavier conscious sedation.
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Wisdom Teeth Extractions
Wisdom teeth removal is a common oral surgery we perform, but there are other reasons why teeth might need to be surgically removed. For children, extra teeth need to be removed to allow other teeth to grow in properly. This sort of tooth extraction sometimes coincides with the patient receiving orthodontia. In the case of adult orthodontics, extra teeth are sometimes removed to allow teeth to move into place properly.
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Pre-Existing Conditions
If you are receiving chemotherapy, an organ transplant, or you are on immunosuppressant medication, you may have complications that result in the need for tooth extractions. So be sure to talk to us about any pre-existing conditions so we can prescribe the most effective treatments.

As someone who is scared of the dentist, I can’t begin to express how welcoming and reassuring all of the staff was during my tooth extraction.

Katy C. (5-Star Google Review)

The staff is awesome, caring, and professional. The environment is very comfortable and relaxing. I would definitely recommend them.

Mary S. (5-Star Facebook Review)

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