TMJ Treatment in Longmont, CO

If you suffer from jaw and neck pain or headaches, TMJ treatment might be the answer.

What is TMJ?

Our dental practice in Longmont, Colorado is trained in temporomandibular joint (TMJ) treatment and neuromuscular dentistry, which specializes in the healthy relationship among the jaw joints, teeth, and neck and head muscles. Many people suffer from TMJ pain because of a lack of diagnosis.

Instead of addressing the symptoms found from neuromuscular dentistry, we target the true problem: the cause.

The Causes and Solutions to Your TMJ Issues

Severe Headaches

Severe headaches are one of the common symptoms of TMJ. Clenching and grinding of the teeth are other TMJ symptoms. Unfortunately, these frequent headaches can be misdiagnosed and treated for migraine headaches. The correct solution rests in neuromuscular dentistry, which ensures the affected muscles are properly aligned and the teeth are correctly positioned.

Jaw Alignment

Traditional dentistry fails to consider the important role jaw musculature plays in allowing for a comfortable bite. The present alignment of the jaw is used as a reference point for tooth alignment. Neuromuscular dentistry recognizes the muscles involved in moving the jaw must be in a relaxed, comfortable position so as to not be in conflict with the joint and teeth. We utilize many cutting-edge instruments to find the best position of the jaws, teeth, and muscles to operate in unison.

Proper Jaw Position

Neuromuscular dentistry’s first goal is to find the proper jaw position where the muscles are tranquil while at rest. The device we use to relax the muscles is called a Myo-Monitor, utilizing a low-frequency T.E.N.S. (Transcutaneous Electrical Neural Stimulation) unit. Mild electrical impulses create a rhythmic pulsing every 1.5 seconds to relax the jaw muscles into ideal placement. The stimulation lasts approximately 45 minutes.

Correct the Problem

Once the lower jaw is in position, we fabricate an orthotic allowing the jaw to close to this new position. After wearing the orthotic for three months to stabilize the bite, a decision will be made to either wear the orthotic indefinitely, implement orthodontics to reposition teeth, adjust the teeth’s arches, or adjust the bite.

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