Metal-Free Dental Fillings in Longmont, CO

Get a brighter, more aesthetic smile with metal-free dental fillings.

Metal-Free Fillings Can Brighten Your Smile

Did you know biocompatible, metal-free restorations can replace those old silver fillings? Whether you need tooth restoration or replacement of old metal fillings, we offer a variety of non-metal restorations solutions at our Longmont cosmetic dentistry office.

These “white” fillings are created with composite resin that is biocompatible so you can have a brighter, more aesthetic smile. Learn how you can save 15% off this service with our in-house dental savings plan!

The Benefits of a Metal-Free Smile

A Practical Solution

In the past, dental patients were told repairing teeth with white fillings was simply a cosmetic procedure and had no practical purposes. This philosophy is now out of date. Modern technologies in dental adhesion, lasers, resins, and high-end ceramics allow us to use porcelain restorations that closely resemble a tooth’s natural function, strength, wear, and appearance.

Proven Science

Over 16 years of studies have proven that proper techniques and quality materials allow dentists to bond teeth back together restoring their natural integrity, bypassing the need for full-coverage crowns.

Beautiful Results

The reasons for selecting a metal-free filling are very compelling: strength, appearance, and safety. Dr. Rogge elects to practice mercury-free dentistry because of these modern-day material innovations. Outdated metal fillings negatively affect the appearance of teeth and even damage the interior portion they’re meant to protect.

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