Dental Implants in Longmont, CO

An innovative cosmetic and restorative procedure we use to create healthy, attractive smiles.

What Can Dental Implants Do for You?

Dental implants are an innovative cosmetic and restorative procedure at our Longmont office, letting us create healthy, attractive smiles. Dental implants can be used to secure dentures for a solid fit.

Dental implants are titanium barrels that are surgically embedded in your jaw to work as artificial tooth roots. An abutment is placed on the root and then topped with a crown to blend naturally with your teeth. They have a snug fit so you will not be able to distinguish them from your real teeth. In fact, the bone around the new root will fuse to the titanium, creating an unyielding bond.

It is critical to replace any missing teeth as soon as possible to prevent bone decay and/or the deviation of other teeth, which lead to bite changes and joint destruction.

What to Expect with Your Dental Implants

The Process

The implant process takes approximately three to six months to assimilate with the bone entirely. While your customized crown is being created in the lab, you will be given a temporary crown so you can still smile, chew, and speak normally.

A Permanent Solution

When the bone has fully healed, we’ll place the permanent crown and make sure everything is fitting properly and looking great. When everything has completely healed, your implant will feel and work just like your normal teeth, which means you can eat what you like and clean them just like you always did.

"Dr. Rogge and Tina were awesome!! I was comfortable and well taken care of, but most importantly happy with the work and plan for future treatment. Thanks, you guys are great!!"

– Sabrina B., Artistic Smiles Patient

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