Same-Day Crowns in Longmont, CO

Get your temporary crowns immediately through CEREC technology.

New Crowns in One Visit!

Do you need a crown but don’t have the time for repeated visits to the dentist to get one? We have the solution: CEREC same-day crowns. CEREC can create natural-looking and precise restorations for crowns in just one appointment.

This revolutionary technology allows us to create a beautiful, new crown right here in our office during your visit. No need to wait for an outside lab to create your restoration and then have to return to have it placed. We can do it all in just one visit. At Artistic Smiles, we want to make our patients’ visits as efficient and effective as possible, and CEREC same-day crowns allow us to do that.

How Does It Work?

Computer Precision

The computer communicates with a digital wireless camera allowing the user to take seamless impressions, bypassing any discomfort from typical bulky impression material. After the photo shoot, the computer designs your crown chairside, allowing Dr. Rogge to place the new crown on the same day.

On-Site Restorations

We can create a 3D digital model for every tooth restoration.

Once the digital impression is made and uploaded, our on-site milling machine chisels out a crown from a block of ceramic material in only minutes, ensuring you get the best possible fit without the wait.

High Quality Results

This is a great benefit to our clients because the speed and accuracy of this technology allow us to change expectations and deliver quality results. No longer must clients be conscious of their food choices after temporary dental crown procedures. With CEREC, clients can walk in for a restoration and walk out with a new same-day crown.

"Best dentist and team around. If you want the best, you found the place."

– Katie M., Artistic Smiles Patient

Why Choose Artistic Smiles for Your Same-Day Crown?

Dr. Rogge has been voted “Top Dentist” for 11 years in a row for a reason! Top-notch dentistry and first-class patient care are what set him and his team apart. We know what our patients want, and we deliver it.

What can you expect when you visit our Longmont dentist’s office? Here are a few things that we think you will appreciate:

  • High-tech dentistry: We think the time and energy we have put into learning and providing the latest in dental technology is a well-made investment. Why? Providing you with treatments that are more efficient and effective makes us feel great about the job we are doing and can turn you into a Artistic Smiles patient for life. Win-win!

  • Friendly team: We don’t just work in Longmont, we are a part of this community. Our patients are our neighbors and friends. Our patients love the family-feel atmosphere our practice has, and we work hard to preserve it!

  • Stress-free dentistry: Do you get anxious at the thought of a visit to the dentist? We understand. We really do! Our relaxation options will make your visit with us one of the easiest and most comfortable you’ll ever have!

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Exciting Updates from Artistic Smiles!

After three decades of serving Longmont, CO with exceptional dentistry, Dr. Cliff Rogge is officially retiring.

While we are sad to see him go, rest assured our current patients will be in good hands moving forward.

Dr. Chris Goldtrap will carry on the legacy at Artistic Smiles, continuing to keep your smiles healthy and happy.

Dr. Goldtrap is currently accepting new patients, so schedule your appointment today!

In the meantime, we have more big, exciting changes coming in the next few months, so check back again soon.

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