Smile Design in Longmont, CO

A great smile is truly a work of art.

Redesign Your Smile

Professional smile design refers to the enhancement of a smile using a combination of methods.

Dr. Rogge is an accomplished smile designer, and he considers a patient’s eyes, lip line, coloring, gum tissue contouring, and face when designing a new smile.

Let our team of cosmetic dentistry experts in Longmont help you achieve the smile you’ve always dreamed of.

How We Design Great Smiles

A Custom Smile

Our goal is to redesign your smile so it fits you while being beautiful, strong, and natural-looking.

We work closely with you and make sure you understand all of your options.

Beautiful Results

We may decide to start with some porcelain veneers if you need to correct a few flaws, or we might recommend gum contouring to help change the overall feel of your smile. Whatever treatments we suggest, they’re all aimed at creating a beautiful smile with natural-looking teeth.

“My family has been coming to Artistic Smiles for 12 years, and we love it. It is the only dental practice I’ve ever been to that I actually enjoy coming to.”

– Tawnya M., Artistic Smiles Patient

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