Bonding in Longmont, CO

A natural-looking solution for chipped and cracked teeth.

How Can Dental Bonding Help?

At Artistic Smiles in Longmont, Colorado, we specialize in dental bonding services. Applying a tooth-colored filling substance to teeth has been a long-used dental method for many years.

Recent innovations have improved the stability, durability, and endurance of this bonding material, and we can mold and shape it to create excellent results.

How Dental Bonding Restores Your Smile

The Bonding Process

The process is simple. The material is applied and shaped, then colored to match the surrounding teeth, resulting in a cosmetically enhanced smile. A high-intensity light is utilized to solidify the material, and we polish the tooth to ensure it blends well and is as natural-looking as possible.

How it Helps

Teeth bonding can be used to close gaps between teeth, create a straight appearance for teeth, and correct chips or cracks, and after the results are properly polished, it looks just like a natural tooth.

Custom Care

Every smile is different, which means each case will be different. Generally speaking, bonding only takes a few hours to complete. We have extensive experience providing the cosmetic solutions you need to get the smile you want. Contact us today to learn more about it.

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– Maryte A., Artistic Smiles Patient

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Exciting Updates from Artistic Smiles!

After three decades of serving Longmont, CO with exceptional dentistry, Dr. Cliff Rogge is officially retiring.

While we are sad to see him go, rest assured our current patients will be in good hands moving forward.

Dr. Chris Goldtrap will carry on the legacy at Artistic Smiles, continuing to keep your smiles healthy and happy.

Dr. Goldtrap is currently accepting new patients, so schedule your appointment today!

In the meantime, we have more big, exciting changes coming in the next few months, so check back again soon.

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