Dentures (or false teeth) often are associated with old age, disgusting adhesive glue and an uncomfortable fit. Dentures, in essence, has gotten a bad stigma. Despite their bad rap, they are still the most affordable and reliable treatment for missing teeth.

Before you disregard dentures as the remedy for your missing teeth, consider that with new technology, dentures look more natural, fit better and can be permanently anchored in place. Dentures today are not your grandparents’ dentures.

Dentures today utilize technology that make them look more natural than ever. Molds of your remaining teeth are conducted to give your dentures naturally shaped teeth. The color of your denture’s teeth can now be matched to that of your natural teeth.

Besides the look, the uncomfortable and/or ill-fit of dentures was another major issue that modern dentures have reduce. Dentures today fit better in your mouth due to modern technology. They cause less irritation and slip less.

The improvements in dental implant technology has made modern dentures more stable and comfortable to wear. In some cases, implants can be used in conjunction with bridges to create a permanent solution to missing teeth. Below are the newest ways dental implants have improved dentures:

Overdentures. Overdentures are used when there are missing bottom teeth. These lower dentures are attached to four or more dental implants to anchor them to the jaw and keep them in place. The implants tend to be inserted on both sides of the lower jaw. These dentures result in a more comfortable fit that maintains your facial structure and preserves your jaw bone. With these dentures, a metal bar may be used to provide additional support for the denture.

All-on-4 dentures. These dentures involve four dental implants (two inserted into the upper jaw and two inserted into the lower jaw. These are best for patients who need both upper and lower dentures. Though it is typically advertised as all-on-four, more than four implants can be used. These implant supported dentures are sometimes called hybrid dentures.

Flexible removable dentures. All types of dentures (including those using implants) are removable, which means they must have something to reattach to. Traditional dentures use metal clasps that attach to your natural teeth or crowns. There are flexible dentures available that have flexible, nylon based extensions that snap onto crowns near the gum line. The nylon substitute for the traditional metal clasps yield a more comfortable, secure fit while eliminating the embarrassing metallic line along the gum line that is found in most dentures.

Implant supported bridges. This option is good for patients whose teeth and bones are healthy enough to accommodate implants and have a group of missing or decayed teeth that is together. Bridges provide the same tooth replacement as dentures, but are best used in case where dentures are not needed. Bridges are more permanent than dentures and are not made to come out. Implants provide additional stability to the bridge making it more secure.

At Artistic Smiles we use the latest technology available to give our patients the best smiles while reducing adverse side effects and discomfort. Whether you’re missing one missing tooth and need an implant or you’re missing all your teeth and need full dentures, call us today to set up an appointment and regain your lost smile.

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