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Why Choose Artistic Smiles?

Revolving around your comfort and providing modern dental care are what make our Longmont office different.

Experience the Difference

Discover how Dr. Goldtrap is revolutionizing your traditional dental visit.

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Full Relaxation
Artistic Smiles is your home away from home. In our comfortable and inviting setting, you'll be pampered with exceptional dental care (including sedation dentistry) to make your visit a more relaxing and soothing experience.
A dentist and his assistant reviewing some dental x-rays
Innovative Tech
Dr. Goldtrap prides himself on offering a higher caliber of healthcare with the use of modern technologies and advanced techniques. He's transformed our practice into a pinnacle of innovation where you'll experience dentistry that is more convenient and precise.
One of our assistants in the dental office smiling while wearing her Dental Assistant uniform
Sensational Team
To our fantastic team, you’re not just a patient; you’re family. As such, we strive to provide you and your family with the comprehensive care you need and the comfort you deserve. All within a supportive and comfortable environment.

My experiences at Artistic Smiles were all positive. I highly recommend this office to everybody.

Laura M. (5-Star Google Review)

I wanted to take a moment to write and let you know how grateful and pleased I am with the recent work Artistic Smiles did to help improve my smile.

Kymberly S. (5-Star Google Review)

All Under One Roof

Preventative, family, cosmetic, or restorative - whatever dentistry you need, we have you covered.

Headshot of Dr. Goldtrap from Artistic Smiles
Dr. Chris Goldtrap provides exceptional comprehensive care so you can enjoy optimal oral health.

With his vast experience and profound knowledge, your Longmont, CO dentist caters to your every need while offering a more pleasant and efficient dental experience.

His gentle touch and compassionate nature ensure you’ll receive nothing but superior care.

Whether Dr. Goldtrap is taking away years of pain or giving you the smile of your dreams; you can be sure he’ll change your view of dentistry forever!

Serving the Longmont Community since 1990.

A friendly and caring Longmont dental team who’s always by your side.
One of the Artistic Smiles assistants working with a patient
Since opening our doors in 1990, providing inclusive dentistry for our community has been the top priority. As a close-knit team, we want our office to be a safe and comfortable space where you can thrive on your journey to exceptional oral health.

We genuinely value each patient that comes into our practice, and we do our very best to provide you with an experience that exudes passion, empathy, and excellence.

Discover what motivates our team to keep our community smiling.

One-of-a-Kind Dental Technology

To achieve the greatest success with every patient, we feel it is essential to know, understand, and be trained in what is current in the field of dentistry.
  • CEREC® Same-Day Crowns
    With CEREC® same-day technology, we can manufacture your porcelain crowns and other restorations in just one dental visit! We make this possible by taking digital impressions of your tooth to custom design your restoration and using our in-house milling machine to create it – no repeat appointments required!
  • 3D Imaging
    Our CT Scan 3D Imaging technology is a revolutionary tool that provides our expert dentist with a more accurate and well-rounded view of your mouth. This allows Dr. Goldtrap to catch diseases in the early stages and provides more precise and predictable results when placing dental implants.
  • Digital X-Rays
    Dr. Goldtrap can make immediate and more accurate diagnoses with our digital x-rays. These x-rays provide superior clarity and reduce radiation exposure by 75% – making them a safer and environmentally friendly alternative for our patients.
  • TekScan
    This computerized bite analysis helps Dr. Goldtrap understand your bite in a more precise way. It does so by measuring bite pressure and occlusion to identify where your teeth touch and the strength applied in each place. This allows our doctor to restore balance to your bite and alleviate excess pressure or pain.
  • Diagnodent Laser
    This laser therapy represents a gentle and harmless solution to help find cavities even before they show up on x-rays. Early cavity detection provides you with many benefits, such as preserving more of your natural tooth’s structure, less invasive treatments, and reducing treatment costs.
  • Digital Photography
    Digital photography isn’t anything new but it means we can track actual results of various procedures. Documented this progress allows us to show you how your treatment is going and gives a clear and real perspective of what to expect before having the procedure done.
  • Diode Soft Tissue Laser
    With the help of diode lasers, we can transform your smile into the beautiful beacon of self-confidence you desire. These lasers allow us to perform gum recontouring to correct a “gummy smile” in one visit and with fast recovery time.
  • Carivu
    This brilliant technology detects cavities and small cracks on your tooth’s surface before they become bigger and more significant problems. Dr. Goldtrap can use these results to fix small issues in no time.
  • Caesy Videos
    The Caesy System is a patient education system that empowers with the information you need when selecting a dental treatment. The visual explanations and simple demonstrations will help answer questions you may have.
  • Zoom! Whitening
    We use Zoom! Whitening solutions to help our patients achieve their brightest smiles. This modern treatment is performed in-office and requires less than an hour to brighten your teeth up to eight shades.
  • Infection Control
    The Healthcare Infection Control Practices and Advisory Committee regulates the latest in personal protection and safety. This committee requires specific steps to be taken in infection control to protect patients. We sterilize to their standards, making sure no cross-contamination or infection occurs!
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