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Revolving around your comfort and providing modern dental care are what make our Longmont office different.

Never Fear the Dentist Again

We’re one of few dental offices in Longmont who offers both oral and IV sedation.

Can you really find comfortable dental care in Longmont? At Artistic Smiles, you can with sedation dentistry.

Don’t let fear of the dentist get in your way of a healthy smile!

Too many people let their fear of the dentist keep them from receiving the dental care they need. This is a legitimate fear that affects more people than you might think.

While many people experience it to different degrees, it only really becomes a problem when it starts interfering with your dental health and wellness.

Dr. Rogge can help.

When it comes to your comfort and dental wellness, Longmont dentist Dr. Rogge stays ahead of the dental curve by being state certified to use both IV and oral sedation.

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Let Us Tell You a Little More About Our Practice:

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Dr. Rogge Has Been Voted One of the Area's Top Dentists

Not just once or twice, but 11 years in a row!

One-of-a-Kind Dental Technology

To achieve the greatest success with every patient, we feel it is essential to know, understand, and be trained in what is current in the dentistry field.


CEREC is a system that custom mills porcelain crowns and other restorations in just one dental visit. It works by scanning your tooth with 3D images and puts CAD/CAM technology to work to replicate the contours of your tooth expertly. With CEREC, there is no need for temporary crowns or multiple dental appointments.


TekScan precisely measures bite pressure and occlusion. This accurately portrays where teeth touch and how much pressure is exerted in each location. Understanding the bite means Dr. Rogge can alleviate excess pressure and balance the strength and comfort of your smile.

3D Imaging

CT Scan 3D Imaging is a revolutionary technology in our practice, giving many benefits for our patients. It provides Dr. Rogge a visual of where to place your dental implants, providing accurate and predictable results. It also diagnoses any lesions on your teeth and any tumors and diseases in the early phases.

Digital Radiography

Digital x-rays reduce radiation exposure to the patient by 75%. These x-rays are environmentally friendly because there is no need for harmful chemicals for processing. Digital x-rays allow the dentist to make an immediate and accurate diagnosis and reduce the time necessary to transfer records to a specialist or lab.

Infection Control

The Healthcare Infection Control Practices and Advisory Committee regulates the latest in personal protection and safety. This committee requires certain steps to be taken in infection control to protect patients. We sterilize to standards, making sure no cross contamination occurs!

Diagnodent Laser

The Diagnodent Laser is a harmless laser to help find cavities before they show up on x-rays. Earlier detection means smaller fillings, retaining more of your natural tooth and reducing the overall cost.

Caesy Videos

The Caesy System is a patient educational system, teaching patients about their treatment.

Digital photography

Digital photography allows us to show work we have done on previous patients with digital clarity. This shows you actual results on cosmetic procedures you are considering for yourself.

Diode Soft Tissue Laser

The Diode Soft Tissue Laser allows us to do gum recontouring so you may achieve the type of smile you desire. This laser reshapes the gums, framing your teeth in one short visit with the quickest healing time possible.

Zoom! Whitening

Our practice has been using Zoom! Whitening since it first came out in 2000 and have the most recent technology helping patients to achieve their brightest smile.


This brilliant technology can detect caries and cracks before they become more significant problems.

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Exciting Updates from Artistic Smiles!

After three decades of serving Longmont, CO with exceptional dentistry, Dr. Cliff Rogge is officially retiring.

While we are sad to see him go, rest assured our current patients will be in good hands moving forward.

Dr. Chris Goldtrap will carry on the legacy at Artistic Smiles, continuing to keep your smiles healthy and happy.

Dr. Goldtrap is currently accepting new patients, so schedule your appointment today!

In the meantime, we have more big, exciting changes coming in the next few months, so check back again soon.

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