Metal-Free Fillings

You can now get biocompatible, metal-free restorations to replace your old silver fillings. Whether restoring a tooth to health or replacing an existing metal filling, there are varieties of non-metal restorations available to you. For fillings, these “white” fillings are composed of a composite resin that is biocompatible.

Until recently, dental patients have been told that repairing teeth with white fillings was just for cosmetic purposes, and white fillings may not be as durable as the metal restorations. This philosophy is now passé. With the modern technologies of dental adhesion, resins, lasers, and state-of-art ceramics, the new porcelain restorations are close to rivaling nature in strength, wear, function, and appearance. There are now sixteen-year studies showing that with properly administered techniques, these advanced restorations surpass traditional dentistry. With these new materials, it is possible to bond teeth back together, virtually restoring them back to their virgin strength without the invasiveness of full-coverage crowns. In the majority of circumstances, metal fillings or crowns can be replaced with techniques that are more conservative. It is therefore possible to preserve the healthy, remaining tooth structure, rather than whittling teeth down, as a pencil would be ground away by a pencil sharpener.

The health reasons for choosing metal-free restorations are quite compelling: safety, strength and appearance! Dr. Rogge chooses to do mercury-free dentistry because he feels there are better materials available. Not only do metal fillings detract from the appearance of the teeth, turning them dark and gray, they also damage the remaining part of the tooth they’re meant to protect.

Metal fillings expand and contract with temperature changes. This movement weakens and cracks teeth. It also creates space between the tooth wall and the filling, allowing bacteria to enter, causing decay. Composite fillings bond directly to your tooth, unlike amalgams which use under-cut, therefore they preserve more of your natural tooth structure. All in all, here at Artistic Smiles we recommend composite resin fillings for new or replaced fillings because of the advantages we’ve seen them have over amalgam fillings.