Metal-Free Fillings

Did you know biocompatible, metal-free restorations can replace those old silver fillings? Whether you need tooth restoration or replacement of old metal fillings, we offer a variety of non-metal restorations solutions at our Longmont cosmetic dentistry office. These “white” fillings are created with composite resin that is biocompatible.

In the past, dental patients were told repairing teeth with white fillings was simple a cosmetic procedure and had no practical purposes. This philosophy is now out of date. Thanks to modern technologies in dental adhesion, lasers, resins, and high-end ceramics, the newly emerged porcelain restorations closely resemble a tooth’s natural function, strength, wear, and appearance. Sixteen-year studies have proven with properly administered techniques, these advances surpass traditional dentistry practices. These new materials allow dentists to bond teeth back together restoring their natural integrity bypassing the need for full-coverage crowns.

The reasons for selecting a metal-free filling are very compelling: strength, appearance and safety! Dr. Rogge elects to practice mercury-free dentistry thanks to modern day material innovations. Outdated metal fillings negatively affect the appearance of teeth and even damage the interior portion they’re meant to protect!

Temperature changes cause metal fillings to expand and contract. This iteration cracks and weakens surrounding teeth. Additionally spaces can be created between the tooth’s wall and the filling, thereby allowing bacteria to enter leading to decay. Composite fillings preserve more of your natural tooth structure because they bond directly to your tooth. In summary, the professionals at Artistic Smiles in Longmont, Colorado recommend composite resin metal-free fillings over amalgam fillings.