Root Canal Therapy

Endodontics, commonly known as root canal therapy, is a procedure we regularly perform for patients as part of our general dental health care in our Longmont dental office.

A root canal is a necessary procedure for a tooth with infection on the inside or in the pulp of the tooth. The two most common causes of infection are deep cavities and fractures, or broken teeth. This causes the pulp to be exposed to infection that can kill the pulp of the tooth.

Without treatment, the infection can eventually gather down at the root tip and pass into the jawbone, causing an abscess. The pressure inside the bone and ligaments surrounding the tooth can cause excruciating pain, and left untreated, can even be life threatening. An infected tooth will never heal on its own and, as it gets worse, will continue to be a source of infection that depletes your immune system. Root canal therapy allows us to remove the infection and save your tooth.

We recommend root canals when the inner section of the tooth, called the pulp, becomes diseased or experiences an injury. The unfortunate results are throbbing or stabbing pain. In this stage we recommend patients seek out immediate treatment. Without proper care, the tooth can become infected and may need to be extracted entirely.

The procedure is as follows: we open up the tooth, extract the pulp, clean the tooth and then enclose the area to protect the tissue from further disease. We then change out the tooth with a crown thereby making the tooth’s surface even stronger.

Using our CEREC technology removes the need for secondary visits to replace the temporary crowns created on the day of the root canal procedure. Contact us today to learn more about it and relieve the pain today.