Teeth are very strong and are capable of exerting substantial pressure. These forces can also destroy teeth if you grind at night or withstand impact during contact sports. Dr. Rogge makes it easy to keep your teeth in top shape with professional mouthguards from our Longmont dental office.

Dr. Rogge offers custom fit mouthguards of the highest quality. These mouthguards can protect teeth during sleep, sports or from TMJ / TMD. They cushion teeth from each other, so your jaws are more refreshed and teeth are undamaged after use. Store-bought boil and bite models may be cheaper, but you get what you pay for. These mouthguards can be bulky and are made of inferior materials, which cannot protect teeth from impact or grinding as well as a custom fit mouthguard.

Your teeth deserve the best protection! You can feel better, save on future dental costs and keep teeth in top shape, all with a mouthguard from Dr. Rogge.