Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening, or bleaching, is one of the most requested services at our cosmetic dentistry office in Longmont, Colorado. The smallest changes in shading can make all the difference in appearance, and at Artistic Smiles we can help you get the bright, white teeth you’ll want to show off.

The effects of aging over the years, food and drink, smoking, and medications can all contribute to the discoloration of teeth. We can counteract these effects by using a specialized solution on your teeth, which causes oxidation of the stains and results in the lightening of teeth color.

We use Zoom Whitening 3rd Generation for the procedure, as it is the top-rated teeth whitening solution. We use these special chemicals which are activated by a specialized dental laser to whiten your teeth in a fraction of the time it would have taken with at-home products.

This laser teeth whitening procedure can be done on your lunch break (in about an hour). It’s a quick, painless, and effective cosmetic solution.

Make an appointment today and get a brand new smile.